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Addiction is a complex disease that many individuals have trouble coming to terms with. Drug Rehab Cary NC is a residential facility that is equipped to help addicts understand and recognize their drug or alcohol dependence issues. Coming to terms with an addiction is the first step in recovery, Drug Rehab Cary NC begins enables patients though detox and therapy to become more self-aware and get through the difficult phases of initial recovery.

Once treatment programs are completed, Drug Rehab Cary NC prepares patients for their future of abstinence with addiction aftercare programs and relapse prevention. The health risks associated with drug abuse can be life altering but with the help from the Drug Rehab Cary NC, you can prevent further damage and begin healing.

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Many drug treatment centers offer a strictly detox therapy or outpatient meetings and ultimately only help addicts to temporarily end their drug use. Drug Rehab Cary NC has a team of therapists on staff to help the addict understand how their addiction manifested and begin treatment with the idea of preventing drug abuse from being a coping method in the future. With this information the therapist will be fully prepared to help an addict find healthier alternatives for working through negative emotions, post traumatic stress disorder, mental illness, and grief or loss.



You Deserve a Life Free From Drug and Alcohol Abuse

When someone uses drugs on a regular basis, they may have convinced themselves they aren’t hurting anyone and question why using drugs is such a big deal. Drug abuse and addiction can lead to a slew of negative health and social consequences. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is common among addicts as is violent and risky behavior. Due to the fact that substances of abuse effect the part of the brain which is responsible for reason and judgement, chemical dependence can lead to unhealthy decisions that can result in dangerous outcomes.

The side effects of drug abuse are ultimately all life threating. Short term and long term drug abuse pose serious health risks. Drug overdose today is all to common with heroin users and for those lucky enough to escape overdose there is still the implications caused by long term use. Your addiction could lead to:

  • Excessive nervous twitching
  • Loss of memory
  • Hallucinations
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attack
  • Nasal damage
  • Mouth cancers
  • Liver damage
  • Mental illness
  • Kidney failure
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Distorted visual perceptions

When someone with a drug addiction begins rehabilitation one of the initial steps performed by one of the staff members at the treatment center will be an full mental and physical assessment. The assessment will include several areas:

  • Drug Use History
    • Types of drug(s) used
    • Frequency
    • Amount
    • How are the drugs used
  • Care for Oneself
    • Body hygiene
    • Needle marks
    • Sores on the addict’s body
    • Dehydrated
    • Jaundice – yellowish tone in the white of the eyes
    • Teeth – rotting
    • Lips parched
    • Drastic weight loss
  • Personal
    • Marital status
    • Children
    • Who lives in the home or is the addict homeless
    • Employment
    • Is the addict able to care for himself

With this list you quickly realize the amount of information needed in order for the addict’s recovery plan to be developed. The professional staff at our addiction treatment centers needs as much information as possible to form a successful treatment plan. The addict is put at ease and although it is a great deal of questions involved, it isn’t a constant question and answer session.

The addict will have an opportunity to discuss a bit more of their story other than just stating the facts gathered at the beginning of the recovery. Understanding the addicts background and support system is important for the healing process to be successful due to the fact that the environment after rehab needs to be as healthy and stable as the one while in treatment.

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About Cary, NC

The Town of Cary, North Carolina is right smack in the center of the state; located a mere 10 miles west of Raleigh, the state’s capital. This small town of almost 150,000 residents is situated across two counties, Wake and Chatham. The blue skies and sunny days are complimented by mild winters with lows never dropping below 50 degrees and the summers topping off around 100 degrees. The town has a community appearance initiative and land development ordinances to keep Cary from overdeveloping and losing sight of its southern small town charm.

If you go for the weather, then you’ll enjoy all of the activities in Cary, from golf courses, tennis courts, arts and craft festivals and sports activities for children and adults, as well as the basketball, soccer and road racing. Cary, North Carolina was recognized by Money Magazine as the 5 th best place to live in the Nation. You can’t beat that endorsement.

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